Krishnan Srinivasan

Krishnan Srinivasan has a degree from Oxford and was a diplomat, serving as ambassador in Libya, Zambia, Nigeria, Netherlands and Bangladesh before appointments as Secretary, Foreign Secretary and Commonwealth deputy secretary-general. After retirement, he was a Visiting Fellow at Cambridge, Leiden and Uppsala apart from academic positions in India. He is the author of several books on international relations and a regular columnist and book reviewer for national newspapers. He has edited Values in Foreign Policy, Investigating Ideals and Interests, along with James Mayall and Sanjay Pulipaka, which is forthcoming in 2019.

Attending Session

January 22, 2020 ● 12 pm
The Absent Dialogue - Anit Mukherjee and Krishnan Srinivasan on the armed forces and government. In conversation with Manoj Mohanka

January 25, 2020 ● 11:20 am
Values in Foreign Policy - Krishnan Srinivasan discusses his book with Sugata Bose and Hari Vasudevan