Piya Chakraborty

Piya Chakraborty is a PhD research scholar currently pursuing her doctoral research in the Department of Sociology in Shiv Nadar University, India. Prior to this, she completed her M.Phil in Social Sciences (C.S.S.S.C.) and subsequently worked as a researcher in an international sociological research project conducted by UmeĆ„ University, Sweden. She was also employed as guest faculty in the Department of Sociology, Jadavpur University, for a brief period. Her research interests focus on the relationship between individuals, communities and spaces. She is also interested in looking at the ways in which the current discourse of mental health can be shaped by the intersectionality between sociology and psychology.

Attending Session

January 26, 2020 ● 5 pm
The Chinese in India, the Indians in China - Tansen Sen and Piya Chakraborty in conversation