Samantak Das

Samantak Das has successfully prolonged his misspent youth by remaining in university, as student and alleged teacher, for approximately 63% of his life, during which period he has written and lectured on 19th-century literature, translation, the relationships between the biological sciences and literature, environment, ecology, rural development and primary education. He spends a fair amount of time in rural Bengal, as a volunteer for an NGO that provides vocational training for economic rehabilitation to impoverished young women and men. He is a (harassed) father to three children, a lover of food (and drink) and a failed student of karate. His favourite activity is sleeping, followed closely by day-dreaming.

Attending Session

January 24, 2020 ● 2 pm
Belonging Everywhere, Belonging Nowhere - Nemat Sadat, Rachel DeWoskin, Daniel Raeburn and Vu Tran on the nationless author. In conversation with Samantak Das.