Somak Raychaudhuri

He is currently the Director of the Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics (IUCAA), Pune. Earlier, he was the Head of Physics and the first Dean of Science  at Presidency University, Kolkata. He was educated at Presidency College, Kolkata, University of Oxford, and University of Cambridge, UK, and has worked at Harvard University, USA and University of Birmingham, UK for much of his career.

Attending Session

January 23, 2020 ● 4:30 pm
Bibha Choudhury and Purnima Sinha-India’s Hidden Figures - Suchetana Chatterjee, Suprakash C. Roy and Sukanya Sinha discuss the journeys that inspire today’s women in STEM. In conversation with Somak Raychaudhury

January 25, 2020 ● 1 pm
Tagore's Universe: The World, the Earth and the Cosmos - Sukanta Chaudhuri and Somak Raychaudhury on Tagore’s engagement with science, the arts and his times