Suchetana Chatterjee

A PhD from the Physics University of Pittsburgh, Suchetana’s research area lies in the interface of astrophysics and cosmology and also combines theoretical, phenomenological, and data-oriented aspects. Her science interests cover several topics ranging from anisotropies in the microwave background to detailed astrophysics in galaxy evolution. The core of her research is focused in investigating the connection between supermassive black hole evolution and cosmological structure formation in numerical simulations and testing the predictions against multi-wavelength observations. As an academician she is very excited about physics teaching and physics education research and public outreach of science in India.

Attending Session

January 23, 2020 ● 4:30 pm
Bibha Choudhury and Purnima Sinha-India’s Hidden Figures - Suchetana Chatterjee, Suprakash C. Roy and Sukanya Sinha discuss the journeys that inspire today’s women in STEM. In conversation with Somak Raychaudhury