Janet Gasper Chowdhury

Janet Gasper Chowdhury is a self proclaimed ‘kaleidoscope’: a cool mom to two independent minded teenagers and a demanding professional to a high performing team. She, along with her husband, leads an organization that runs ICSE & CBSE co-ed schools educating over 6500 students as well as a free evening school for underprivileged girl students. She is a sucker for anything artsy and cultural be it designing interiors or writing poetry; she enjoys challenging herself with golf, badminton and recently by playing cricket. The gray cells are not spared, especially now with all the different Wordle puzzles out there. With little or no exposure to Hindi mythology while growing up, Amish’s Shiva trilogy opened up a new world for her and she’s been a fan ever since.

Attending Session

March 27, 2022 ● 11.20 am
Get Well Soon - Ratnaboli Ray and Kunal Sarkar discuss mental and physical health challenges during and beyond the pandemic. In conversation with Janet Gasper Chowdhury

March 27, 2022 ● 1 pm
Amish At Large - Amish Tripathi on writing, the pandemic and seeing India from outside and within. In conversation with Janet Gasper Chowdhury