Rahul DaCunha

Over the last fifty years, India has seen one observer who has remained constant. Through its highs and lows, wars and peace, liberalisation and demonetisation, the polka-dotted Amul moppet has chronicled it all, with wry wit, humour and sarcasm. Rahul DaCunha took over the creation of Amul topical ads in 1994 from his father Sylvester and now heads the team that creates Amul topical ads. He has also co-written India’s first musical, Sing India Sing.

Attending Session

March 23, 2022 ● 3.20 pm
An UnCommon Man - EP Unny and Rahul DaCunha* discuss RK Laxman’s legacy on his centenary. In conversation with Balaji Vittal (Rahul DaCunha will join online)