Samantak Das

Samantak Das has successfully prolonged his misspent youth by remaining in university, as student and alleged teacher, for approximately 63% of his life, during which period he has written and lectured on 19th-century literature, translation, the relationships between the biological sciences and literature, environment, ecology, rural development and primary education. He spends a fair amount of time in rural Bengal, as a volunteer for an NGO that provides vocational training for economic rehabilitation to impoverished young women and men. He is a (harassed) father to three children, a lover of food (and drink) and a failed student of karate. His favourite activity is sleeping, followed closely by day-dreaming.

Attending Session

March 27, 2022 ● 4.30 pm
Dante’s Divine Comedy-A 700-Year Journey - Sukanta Chaudhuri and Doyeeta Majumdar discuss the impact of one of the world’s greatest literary works on its 700th anniversary. In conversation with Samantak Das. Introduction by Gianluca Rubagotti

March 27, 2022 ● 5.30 pm
Ray Writes - Samantak Das and Pinaki De discuss Ray’s writing gene. Readings of recently published stories by Ray by Dhritiman Chaterji bookend the discussion