Sarnath Banerjee

Sarnath Banerjee has written four books of graphic fiction. Corridor, The Barn Owl’s Wondrous Capers, The Harappa Files, and All Quiet in Vikaspuri, and recently Doab Dil. As part of his ongoing project involving collaboration with historians, Banerjee had produced Liquid History of Vasco Da Gama for the Kochi Biennial, 2014, and The Poona Circle, a series of vandalised history textbooks, for the Pune Biennale, 2017. His billboard series, Gallery of Losers, commissioned by Frieze Projects East, for the 2012 London Olympics, was widely displayed in East London. In 2016, he was commissioned for over 80 murals by Deutsche Bank, for their new office in Canary Wharf. In 2008, Banerjee co-founded publishing house Phantomville that brought together reporters and comic-book artists to produce works of visual journalism. He also had a column, The Enchanted Geography, for a national newspaper in India. Sarnath Banerjee has studied at Goldsmith College, London and currently lives in Berlin.