Srijato is one of Bengal’s most popular new generation poets and lyricists, and is the author of several books of modern poetry, including Uronto Sob Joker: All Those Flying Jokers, which won the Ananda Puroskar and Krittibas Puroshkar, Sesh Chithi, The Story of Katiusha, Andhakar Lekhaguchchha and Premer Kobita. His novels include 4043Shalimare Shonghat. His latest poetic composition Dhongso was published in 2018 along with two other works — Lymeric and Facebook, a collection of his Facebook posts. Other than poetry he has also penned the lyrics of popular movies like Autograph, Iti Mrinalini, and Charuulata. He also does anchoring and public speaking. He debuted in Srijit Mukherjee’s Zulfiqar and is currently directly his first film.

Attending Session

March 22, 2022 ● 5.10 pm
Shaayri, Kobita -  Javed Akhtar’s poetry, Srijato’s translations. Readings and  conversation with Sangeeta Datta. Launch of Bangla translation of Javed Akhtar’s anthology

March 22, 2022 ● 7.40 pm
Deadliner Daak - Chandril Bhattacharya, Srijato and Anupam Roy discuss the challenges of writing columns and recording vlogs. On Time. In conversation with Agnijit Sen (Bangla Session)

March 24, 2022 ● 7.45 pm
Raag Desh - Classical music performance by Ustad Rashid Khan, poetry by Srijato